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Qualifying Our Customer Needs Isn't Enough: Deciphering Their Priorities is the Trick

Updated: Jul 1

In the process of qualifying potential customers, it is essential to go beyond customer's needs and uncover what truly drives their decision-making. Understanding their priorities should be part of how you tailor your approach, align your solutions, and effectively communicate your value proposition. If you look carefully, you'll notice how most qualifications focus on the customer's needs and challenges. Yes, but what is the hierarchy of those challenges within the customer's overall priorities?

Qualifying Customers

Prioritization Exercises

  •  Ranking: When engaging with potential customers, ask them to rank their challenges This reveals the most critical issues they face.

  •  Identify Key Drivers: Understand the main factors influencing their purchasing decisions.

  •  Example Exercise: Provide a list of potential challenges and ask potential customers to rank them in order of importance. This can help identify whether cost, efficiency, innovation, or another factor is their top priority.

Long vs. Short Term Goals

Explore potential customers' short-term and long-term goals to understand which needs are most pressing in achieving those goals. This will help you understand how and when your technology/solution comes into place.

Short-term Goals: These goals are often driven by immediate operational needs or market pressures. Understanding these can help tailor your solutions to provide quick wins.

Long-term Goals: These goals provide insight into strategic priorities and future planning, helping you position your solution for sustained value.

Questions for Thought:

Quite often customers may point out one thing and yet focus on another. Discrepancy between what a customer says they need vs. what they actually focus on or operate is not new. You can narrow down such discrepancies with the following questions and tactics:

  •   "What are your top three goals for the next quarter?"

  •   "Where do you see your company in five years, and what steps are you taking to get there?"


Present hypothetical situations to potential customers to see which needs they prioritize in different contexts.

  • Pose scenarios that test resilience, such as market downturns or rapid growth.

  • Present scenarios involving new opportunities, like entering a new market or adopting new technology such as:

  • "If your company experienced a 20% increase in demand overnight, what would be your top three priorities to manage this growth?"

  • "How would a sudden cut in your budget influence your project priorities?"

Align Solutions with Their Current Focus

The answers to the above mentioned questions will enable you to tailor your features and functionalities to address the most pressing priorities of potential customers. For example, if cost reduction is a top priority, emphasize the cost-saving aspects of your solution.

Breakthrough Thoughts

Remember, potential customer priorities can shift based on internal changes, market fluctuations, or new challenges. Establishing a regular feedback loop is crucial to staying on top of these changes.

By embedding these practices into your qualification process, you can better understand and respond accurately not just to the needs but also to the priorities of potential customers. This targeted approach not only enhances your ability to qualify leads effectively but also increases the likelihood of converting prospects into loyal customers.

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