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How Your Memory Affects Your Marketing: A Guide to Smart Business Marketing, Inspired by Apple

Business Marketing

Ever wondered why some brands stick in your mind more than others? It's all about how our brains work! There's this thing called the availability heuristic. Fancy term, right? But it's simple: it means we tend to think stuff we remember easily is more important. So, how can corporates use this to their business marketing advantage? Let's find out, with a little inspiration from Apple!

  1. Making Brands Unforgettable: Take Apple, for example. Think about their sleek designs, catchy ads, and iconic logo. They make their brand stick in your mind like a catchy song you can't stop humming. Marketers can make their brand just as memorable by using catchy slogans, cool stories, or unique looks. The easier a brand is to remember, the more important it feels to us.

  2. Showing Off Happy Customers: Ever seen someone using an iPhone and thought, "Maybe I should get one too"? That's social proof! Apple uses this like a pro, showing off happy customers in their ads and stores. Marketers can do the same by sharing stories from satisfied customers. When we see others loving something, it feels more valuable to us too.

  3. Making Things Feel Special: Remember when Apple released the iPhone and people lined up for hours to get one? That's scarcity in action! Apple creates buzz by making its products feel special and hard to get. Marketers can use this trick by saying something's limited or going fast. It makes us feel like we'll miss out if we don't act fast. That's because when something's scarce, it feels more important to us.

  4. Using Cool Pictures and Words: Have you ever seen an Apple ad and thought, "Wow, that looks cool"? That's because Apple knows how to use cool pictures, fun words, and sleek designs to grab your attention. Marketers can do the same by using eye-catching visuals and compelling language. When something looks or sounds great, it sticks in our minds better.

  5. Picking the Right Ways to Talk: Apple knows its audience. They use social media, ads, and stores to reach people where they are. Marketers need to do the same by using the right way to talk to each person. Whether it's Instagram, emails, or in-store experiences, when we see or hear about something in a way we like, it feels more important to us.

Breakthrough Thoughts

Remembering stuff is a big part of why we buy things. Businesses can use this to their advantage by making their brands easy to remember, showing happy customers, making things seem special, using cool pictures and words, and talking to us in the right ways. Take a page from Apple's playbook and watch as your brand becomes unforgettable in the minds of consumers!

Establish Your Marketing Breakthrough Today!

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