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Wolt: A Niche Marketing Strategy Success Story

In the fast-paced world of food delivery services, Wolt has emerged as a standout marketing strategy success story. Founded in 2014 by Miki Kuusi, Juuso Perttula, Niklas Silfverberg, and Lauri Kivinen, four ambitious students from the University of Helsinki, Wolt had a humble beginning with just 10 restaurant partners when it was launched in 2015 in Helsinki, Finland. However, this innovative company quickly gained traction and expanded its operations to over 20 countries, amassing a staggering 10 million users. What sets Wolt apart from its competitors and has fueled its rapid growth is its unique and effective niche marketing strategy.

Marketing Strategy

Carving The Right Slice of Niche

Recognizing the untapped potential in the food delivery industry, Wolt strategically focused on addressing specific market needs. They identified three niche aspects that allowed them to carve out a distinct position for themselves:

  1. Restaurants Only:

Instead of offering a broad array of services, Wolt concentrated solely on food and beverage delivery from restaurants. This focused approach enabled them to become the go-to platform for local restaurant owners looking to provide delivery options to their customers. By catering to a single segment, Wolt ensured they could excel in delivering excellent service and maintaining strong relationships with their restaurant partners.

  1. Restaurants with No Delivery Services:

Wolt recognized that many local restaurants lacked their delivery infrastructure or the means to efficiently manage such a service. To bridge this gap, Wolt stepped in as a reliable delivery partner, empowering restaurants to expand their reach and cater to customers beyond their physical premises.

  1. Increasing Income for the Self-Employed Market:

Wolt took an innovative approach to target the self-employed market. In Finland, where around 180,000 people were self-employed, the company saw an opportunity to provide a means for individuals to boost their income by becoming Wolt delivery partners. This strategy not only widened their pool of delivery drivers but also fostered a sense of community and loyalty among their workforce.

Sharing Your Slice with Others

Wolt's niche marketing approach allowed them to adopt the shared-economy business model successfully. Through their user-friendly mobile application, Wolt connected hungry customers with partner restaurants, enabling seamless food and beverage ordering and delivery using their convenient mobile payment software. What initially started as a simple payment application evolved into a comprehensive and efficient food delivery service.

When Niche is Not Enough- Start Small

Another crucial aspect of Wolt's success lies in its smart expansion strategy. Rather than diving into fiercely competitive markets, Wolt focused on countries with limited or no competition. This decision enabled them to establish a strong foothold in Finland and Europe, where they could effectively leverage their niche market positioning to gain a competitive advantage.

Guerilla Marketing – Less is More

When it comes to marketing, Wolt adopted an almost guerrilla-style approach. They found innovative ways to promote their brand and attract attention without extravagant budgets. One such example was distributing branded shirts and delivery boxes, placed prominently on bicycles. This clever and cost-effective marketing tactic not only helped in boosting brand visibility but also resonated with the eco-conscious and health-conscious audience.

Crisis as a Stepping Stone for BIG Success

COVID-19 had a significant impact on Wolt. The pandemic led to a surge in demand for food delivery, as people were staying home more and more. It is during COVID that Wolt prioritized personalized and attentive service to both their restaurant partners and customers thus delivering a positive customer experience. A positive experience amid a global pandemic went a long way and Wolt's order volume increased by over 300% in 2020, and the company's valuation doubled.

Wolt was able to capitalize on the pandemic by expanding into new markets and launching new products. They also invested in their technology and infrastructure to improve the customer experience. As a result, Wolt emerged from the pandemic stronger than ever before.

Less Was Always More

Wolt's astounding triumph as a food delivery company can be attributed to its unwavering belief that "Less was always More." By focusing on specific market needs and mastering them with precision, Wolt positioned itself as the ultimate destination for restaurants seeking delivery services and individuals looking to boost their earnings. Embracing markets with limited competition and employing ingenious marketing tactics further propelled their widespread acclaim. As Wolt continues to forge ahead with innovation, it serves as a living testament to the immense power of niche marketing in conquering the fiercely competitive realm of food delivery services.

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