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Coca-Coola & Six Flags Great Adventure in 4th of July, Never Too Big for Brand Awareness and New Exp

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

We all know how the 4th of July is a major marketing opportunity for brands of all sizes. This includes major brands as well such as Coca-Cola who we can guess by now would probably be part of every barbecue table. As a product, yes, they will probably be on most barbecue tables, however, Coca-Cola is not about a product. Coca-Cola is about experiences, creating experiences, sharing experiences, and collecting memories that are with us for eternity. So how does a major brand such as Coca-Cola assure yet another memorable experience for audiences on this special day? They collaborate with a partner who can complete their product (drink) experience for all the family and more. They collaborate with another good old American major brand Six Flags Great Adventure, and together deliver a full celebration.

Coca-Cola Brand Awareness
Coca-Cola Continues its Brand Awareness

By tapping into the patriotic spirit of the holiday, the two giant brands connect with consumers on an emotional level and boost sales at the Coca-Cola and Six Flags Great Adventure are teaming up to celebrate the 4th of July in 2023. The event, called Coca-Cola July 4th Fest, will take place on July 2-4 and will feature a variety of activities, to boost a memorable experience with:

Exclusive Ride Times: Guests with a can of Coca-Cola at entry will be able to enjoy exclusive ride times on some of the park's most popular attractions. This will give guests a chance to experience some of the park's most popular rides without having to wait in line.

New Coca-Cola Cool Zones: These zones will be filled with cool misters, ice-cold beverage samples, themed games and prizes, fun photo ops, and more. This will be a great way for guests to cool off and have some fun on a hot summer day.

Returning Coca-Cola foam dance parties: These parties are always a hit, and they're sure to get everyone's energy levels up. This is a great way for guests to let loose and have some fun.

A special Coca-Cola toast each night just before the start of the fireworks: Guests are encouraged to raise a can of Coca-Cola in a toast to America. This is a great way for guests to come together and celebrate Independence Day.

Coca-Cola and Six Flags Great Adventure are doing a number of things that are different from what other theme parks are doing to create memorable experiences for guests. While other major theme parks will have theme decorations, firework displays, and music, this partnership will offer exclusive ride times, new Coca-Cola Cool Zones, returning Coca-Cola foam dance parties, and a special Coca-Cola toast each night and take it beyond any other available experiences.

Never Too Big for Brand Awareness and New Experiences

This collaboration just shows how brands are never big enough for innovation, for delivering something no other brand has, for creating something that is greater than the product itself, and that differentiating your brand is a never-ending vision and mission.

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